A « consulting contract » allows you to benefit from the conditions of use of the services of an external consultant. The advisor can be an individual or a company. Consulting Agreement (Walker) The company entered into an agreement (Walker Consultancy Agreement) with Greg Walker as a greg Walker consultant, under which the company appointed the consultant to ensure the day-to-day management of the company, represent the company in Mali and provide strategic advice. The default consulting contract and the standard GTC specify that they will enter into force with performance (i.e. the date on which the second party who signs or accepts the document does so). They continue until the end. The most controversial topic of a consulting contract is often the treatment of intellectual property rights. A consultant`s work product is usually protected by copyright (e.g. B when the consultant prepares written reports or software code).

The advisor will be the first owner of this copyright. The consulting contract should determine whether the copyright in the work product is transferred to the client (i.e. transferred) or retained by the consultant – and whether it is maintained, whether it is granted to the client. Licences may be issued on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Often, intellectual property rights over the different elements of the work product required different treatment. Most consulting agreements include the disclosure of certain confidential information to the consultant and the term « confidential information » is used in the standard consulting agreement to define the limits of confidentiality. Information may be confidential because it falls under a general category of confidentiality (for example. B information identified as « secret ») or because it is expressly identified as confidential in the definition. In the precedents of premium consulting agreements, there are two definitions of confidential information: one for the information that the client discloses to the advisor and the other for the information that the advisor discloses to the client. Any consulting contract should start with the names and contact details of the client and the service provider. Subsequently, the agreement should contain the following elements: the corresponding models « general conditions » and « agreement » are very similar in substance.

The difference between the types of models is largely mixed with the presentation. For everyone, with the possible exception of a few happy advisors, fees are the raison d`être of the consultant contract. Before entering into or signing a consulting contract, you decide what your goals are. The agreement must at least describe the objectives or tasks of the advisor, the terms of payment, the amount to be paid, the deadlines and the expectations of the final product. You should clarify these terms before entering into the agreement. These models of advisory agreements are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to a large number of different circumstances and are clear, easy to use and flexible.. . . .