(b) additional services and products that the franchisee may authorize from time to time for use or sale by franchisees; Otherwise, the franchisee may temporarily disable the franchisee`s access to the intranet until the franchisee pays in full for his commitment, without the franchisee being held responsible for the franchisee. if the franchisee has not been previously made available to the franchisee, unless the franchisee has no other right to manuals. Such ongoing advice may include, but is not limited to, issues such as products and services to be offered to customers, improvement and evolution of fitness center operations, pricing, administration, accounting, accounting and inventory control, and franchisee operating issues; No no. The holder of a franchise is considered an independent business owner and cannot be licensed in the traditional way. They may, however, terminate their franchise if they are in default with the franchise agreement. (b) acquire or acquire the assets or control of the ownership of one (1) or more businesses that are identical or similar to the fitness center (and/or franchise, license and/or similar agreements for such businesses), some or all of which may be located somewhere, including within the exclusive territory. In the event of such a purchase or other acquisition, the franchisee will (i) propose, a) to sell these businesses to the franchisee or third parties at their fair market value, which is to be operated under the system, or (B) to the franchisee: to operate these operations in partnership with the franchisee (or its affiliated business) under their initial business identities. or any other commercial identity that does not contain the protected trademarks. The franchisee has the right to choose which of these alternatives is best thought out by the franchisee; (ii) with respect to franchisors or licensees, acting as franchisors and/or licensors of such companies in accordance with the franchise and/or licensing agreements then in force; (c) are acquired (regardless of the form of the transaction) by an identical or similar company to the Personal Training Institute, even if the other operates competitive businesses in the exclusive, franchised and/or licensed territory; and the franchise agreement sets out the requirements and expectations of the franchisee that the franchisee must accept in order for the franchisee to manage its business under the franchisee`s brand. .

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