Calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to geographic numbers (from 01 or 02) and phone calls are recorded as part of all call minutes included in the same way as geographic calls. With Norton Way Nissan`s PCH, you will end up paying an agreed number of pre-rentals at the same time as VAT, followed by the remaining rents, plus VAT for the duration of the contract. Then the vehicle should be returned to the financial home. d. By cheque – payable to RCI Financial Services. Make sure the contract number is listed as a reference on the back. Address – Customer Service, Building 1, Rivers Office Park, Denham Way, Rickmansworth, WD3 9YS. c. By bank transfer or standing order. Please contact us on 0333 0090231 for our bank details and to provide your contract number as a reference. Here you can access the online portal: Finance Lease is a rental product that gives the company the flexible option to keep the vehicle (with a low annual fee) at the end of the agreement. However, the customer can also sell the vehicle to third parties as soon as all rental payments have been made.

The customer retains 100% of the proceeds of the sale (paid in the form of a rent rebate). Before contacting us by phone, we ask you to first access your financial contract online and, if possible, to « serve yourself. » Go to to see current offers. The classic way to finance your vehicle. With HP, you pay the vehicle`s costs with interest each month. Leasing is the ideal financing option if you want to own your car at the end of the agreement. A copy of your contract is available for online download. See how to activate your financial account online and log in here. Calls to these numbers are billed at the local rate on the BT fixed network plus your phone company`s access fee. Calls from other networks may vary. Mobile phone calls and outside the UK can be higher With PCP, you can choose the perfect vehicle for you, as well as a deposit and duration of the deal.

You can even decide on the maximum mileage allowance. Once the financing contract is concluded, you have the option to purchase the car directly for an agreed amount known as a guaranteed minimum value for the future or simply GMFV. Or, if you don`t want to buy the car directly, you can always return it to the lender (within the agreed fair wear limits) without any other obligation. You also have the opportunity to put all the positive equity you have on your old car, and place it towards financing your next car. Personal Contract Hire, or PCH from Nissan Norton Way is a rental contract that is suitable for the rental of selected Nissans we provide. At no time will the vehicle belong to you with this agreement, so you will not be able to resell it. This agreement is based on mileage and it is important that it reflects your expected annual mileage. A form of car rental To allow you to withdraw a vehicle for a specified period, you pay a first rent payment with fixed monthly payments. At the end of the agreement, you do not own the vehicle and must be returned to the dealer house. Our customer portal facilitates the management of your agreement whenever you wish, so you: option to extend the agreement in a « secondary » contract term for a nominal annual fee of 50 USD plus VAT (pepper corn rental). If you are not already registered on our online portal, you will find a video tutorial on the landing page where you explain how to register.